Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Whey and cream cheese

Since this is the simplest ingredient in all of the pro-biotic rich lacto fermented recipes that will follow, I thought it best to start with this one. Simply start with an excellent quality or homemade yogurt. You definitely want to use Full Fat Plain. I like Nancy's Organic as you can see here. Also needed is a medium size bowl, a sieve or colander that will rest on the outside of the bowl, and a clean kitchen towel or cheese cloth.

The next step is to line the colander with the towel, and scoop about 3 cups of yogurt into the towel lined colander.

Now simply close the towel over the top of the yogurt, and wait for about four hours for the whey to drip through. If if goes for 8 hours, that is fine.

This is the seperated Cream Cheese, and Whey. I use the whey for all the Pro-Biotic recipes, and for the everyday oatmeal recipe which is forthcoming. Whey keeps for up to 8 weeks in the refrigerator. The cream cheese lasts only about one week, but it usually gets eaten very quickly!


  1. david, could you please post the method you use to soak steel cut oatmeal with yoghurt? thanks!! this is kevin luss....

  2. posting now Kevin. Stay in touch, and have a great holidays! Check out my Acai link as well!