Thursday, December 17, 2009


This recipe is also directly out of Nourishing Traditions book.  I have this for breakfast every other day.  You can get creative with the oats used.  I like half and half steel cut and old fashioned.  Always use fresh oats.  If you have old oats in the cupboard, toss them.  This recipe is for 2 people:

1 cup oats - see note above
1 cup warm  water
1-2 Tbs whey (see below recipe)  - you can substitute yogurt or lemon.

Add ingredients, stir, and cover overnight.  At least 6 hours is good.

The next morning, boil 1 cup of water with a pinch of salt.

Follow Youtube video for on-stove instructions.

Add toppings and you are done!  Today, I used 2 Tbs extra virgin coconut oil, 2 Tbs local honey (as seen in the video), then some homemade cream cheese, and cacao nibs top the bowls.

Get creative!  You can use any in fruits, berries, frozen or otherwise.  I always add some oil or butter, local honey, and some fruit or cacao nibs.  Don't think that it is fattening.  Fat in the diet does not equal fat on your person contrary to popular opinion!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Acai Roots

Its done! I am now a proud member of the affiliate program of my favorite Acai brand Acai Roots. Many of you know I have been a huge fan of Acai since 2006 when I first discovered it in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. It is literally the fountain of youth. There is an Acai stand on every corner in Rio. Forget all the weight loss hype. This is about super antioxidants and vitamins which translates to energy. Energy translates to wanting to squeeze in a workout into your busy day. Getting that much needed cardio every day is how we maintain and loose weight, stay energetic and focused with a positive outlook. It isn't surprising how popular Acai is with surfers. This isn't guarana caffeinated energy, its the kind that is subtle until you start moving, then it really kicks in. Please follow this link, and purchase from Acai Roots. They are a great company, and I will get commission if you follow this link and purchase for yourself and loved ones. Trust me, it is incredible value. I have scoured the internet, and Acai Roots is the best value that I have found.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pro Biotic Ketchup

This recipe is taken directly from Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions. I highly recommend this book. It should be a staple in everyone's kitchen.   It contains a ton of nutritional information, and a ton of info on the amazing Weston A Price.

3 cups canned, organic tomato paste
1/4 cup whey (see recipe below)
1 Tbs sea salt
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
3 cloves peeled & mashed garlic
1/2 cup fish sauce - I like Cock brand. - no joke! You can also use homemade fish sauce.

Simply mix together in a bowl, scoop into a wide mouth glass jar, leave at least an inch below the top, close with lid, and leave at room temperature for two days before putting into the refrigerator.

Recipe makes a whole quart.

In the United States, we pass the ketchup to the tune of over half a billion bottles every year. The modern word “ketchup” comes from a Chinese word ke-tsiap — a naturally pickled fish-brine, the universal condiment of the ancient world. The English added foods like mushrooms, walnuts, cucumbers and oysters to this, and it was still a naturally fermented brew.
Organic KetchupSince most ancient times, lactic acid has been used to keep the intestines functioning efficiently, and different types of lacto-fermented juices were often the only remedy against infectious diseases.

With all the benefits of pro-biotic foods I really wonder when and why ketchup became a dead food.  Not anymore!  We have the technology to bring back the traditional recipe, thanks to Sally Fallon and Weston A. Price!

Whey and cream cheese

Since this is the simplest ingredient in all of the pro-biotic rich lacto fermented recipes that will follow, I thought it best to start with this one. Simply start with an excellent quality or homemade yogurt. You definitely want to use Full Fat Plain. I like Nancy's Organic as you can see here. Also needed is a medium size bowl, a sieve or colander that will rest on the outside of the bowl, and a clean kitchen towel or cheese cloth.

The next step is to line the colander with the towel, and scoop about 3 cups of yogurt into the towel lined colander.

Now simply close the towel over the top of the yogurt, and wait for about four hours for the whey to drip through. If if goes for 8 hours, that is fine.

This is the seperated Cream Cheese, and Whey. I use the whey for all the Pro-Biotic recipes, and for the everyday oatmeal recipe which is forthcoming. Whey keeps for up to 8 weeks in the refrigerator. The cream cheese lasts only about one week, but it usually gets eaten very quickly!