Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Acai Roots

Its done! I am now a proud member of the affiliate program of my favorite Acai brand Acai Roots. Many of you know I have been a huge fan of Acai since 2006 when I first discovered it in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. It is literally the fountain of youth. There is an Acai stand on every corner in Rio. Forget all the weight loss hype. This is about super antioxidants and vitamins which translates to energy. Energy translates to wanting to squeeze in a workout into your busy day. Getting that much needed cardio every day is how we maintain and loose weight, stay energetic and focused with a positive outlook. It isn't surprising how popular Acai is with surfers. This isn't guarana caffeinated energy, its the kind that is subtle until you start moving, then it really kicks in. Please follow this link, and purchase from Acai Roots. They are a great company, and I will get commission if you follow this link and purchase for yourself and loved ones. Trust me, it is incredible value. I have scoured the internet, and Acai Roots is the best value that I have found.


  1. D, I know you're sick of telling me this, but how do I get acai into my diet when I'm just plain not a smoothy person?

  2. Hi Rach, I would recommend for you the açai juice or the frozen pulp. The pulp is like sorbet. Let me know if you don't find the products, and I can post the links. Please don't forget to use the above link to get started.